How might we transform a small digital agency's visual appearance so it attracts the right client milieu while acting on principles such as modernity, agility and flexibility?
About Deepr Agency
Deepr is a small independent agency specialized in digital services. Its clients are mainly medium-sized and small businesses. However, deepr also serves well-known large companies such as Bosch.
The advantages of small agencies like deepr are above all their agility through faster decision-making rounds, a familiar and manageable environment and the resulting lively interdisciplinary exchange.
Left: Phenomenon of the drop
Right: The "gutta" (Latin for drop) in Roman architecture, beneath the base of a triglyph.
A drop is the state of liquid while it separates from a larger mass. A short-lived dynamic state of an otherwise dense form.
The upper and lower radii of a drop are necessary for calculating its total volume. The two spheres can be regarded as its interconnected and dependent extremes – its start and end point so to say.
The new logo for deepr is intended to convey these principles of water as well as it stands for the agency's core values.

The aim was to lose neither the tradition nor the meaning of the drop-shaped figurative mark as it has existed for deepr ever since. So going back to the basic shapes of a drop offered a wider range and a very modular usage of the mark. Two spheres of different size, being connected to symbolize transformation and flexibility, the relationship between big and small, "going deeper" to better understand customers and embracing simplicity in design to always fit todays rapidly transforming standards.
Internal Pitch
Presentation & Pitch of the new concept for Deepr Agency was the most important part of the whole process. It should visualize the wide range of possibilities and the flexibility that the new design would offer. The presentation included ideas for Iconography, Typography, a set of Illustrations and the new color system.

To surprise & inspire, an animated style guide video (as shown above) covers aspects of the new identity while embracing it through defined motion principles illustrating its lightness, clarity & joy.

→ Interact with the 3D-Logo

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