Icon Library
Global Icon System · Product Owner · Design and Governance (Design Operations)
As Audi DesignOps, we constantly try to maintain, optimize and control the official brand identity system. This also applies to the icon system, which extends across multiple platforms and applications: with the Audi inCar MMI, a variety of websites and feature apps.
Defining and maintaining a single source of truth is critical to consistent brand language. The latest Icon Library 4.0 offers teams the opportunity to design more flexible, functional, diverse and interactive – improving the overall experience for users in general.
For full flexibility and accessibility, we design Audi icons in a very careful manner and to be pixel perfect for every application possible.

To be functional across all touchpoints, teams can choose from a variety of three sizes and an active state to create a more interactive user experience.
The icons are available in a Dark and Light Themed version.
Currently, we are working on bringing interactive icons to the development teams with the help of svg animation.
This project was created as part of an employment at Strichpunkt Design.

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