How to Rebrand a University
Corporate Identity · Icon System · Type Development · Brand Portal (UX/UI)
After an intensive and well-thought-out design process, we worked together to give Augsburg Technical University of Applied Sciences a new brand identity and strong value proposition that both future and current students can identify with.
The new claim "Together we shape the world" unites and describes what constitutes the cooperation and interface between teachers, students and partners of the university.
Augsburg Technical University is a place where interdisciplinary work is combined with meaningful concepts in teaching and research. A place where people have a central role and where personal development is seen as its social mission.
We symbolized this unique connection as a ribbon, that became the heart of the new visual identity. Derived from the logo, it runs through all design elements as a key visual and design language.
Together with the talented type designer Nolan Paparelli, we have developed a unique typeface that expresses the principles and values of the university.
This project was created as part of an employment at Strichpunkt Design.
Font Design THA Everett by Nolan Paparelli.

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